3rd International Conference on Holy Mount Athos

3rd International Conference on Holy Mount Athos

The International Conference “The Holy Mount Athos – the Unique Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Humanity” will be convened in Belgrade (Serbia) on June 23–26, 2013

This will be the third Conference dedicated to the Holy Mount Athos to be organized with participation of the Society of the Mount Athos Friends in Serbia, Friends of Mount Athos international societies and under the auspices of the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”. The previous Conferences were held in Salzburg (Austria, 2011) and in Weimar (Germany, 2012).

The Third Conference dedicated to the Holy Mount Athos is aimed to draw the attention of the European and international society to the uniqueness of the Holy Mount Athos and will continue the debates and discussions started at the first Conferences concerning the necessity to preserve the spiritual and cultural particularities of this sacred place. For detailed information about these conferences please visit the official web-site www.holy-mount-athos.org

The Conference will gather prominent researchers, intellectuals, public and religious figures, who will discuss the ways of overcoming the deadlocks of Globalization and Secularization based on moral and spiritual source of modern Christian civilization. The Conference participants will also discuss the history, destiny and significance of Christianity for contemporary European identity founded on the example of Holy Mount Athos experience and traditions.

The participants of the conference will touch upon the issues of askesis and modern theology, plot out the relationship between the spiritual and the intellectual life in Christianity; look more closely at the ecological practices of modern Christianity, cenobitic life in monasteries and in secular world; present main challenges of preserving the European historical and cultural heritage based on the example of Athos.

The events of the conference will start on the eve of June 23, plenary sessions and simultaneous round tables will work during June 24 – 25.