Prosperity, Success and Good Health for Many Years to Come to Dr Walter Schwimmer!


To Walter Schwimmer
Co-Chairman, World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations",
Chairman, WPF International Coordinating Committee

Dear Dr Walter Schwimmer!

On the behalf of the WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” Executive Committee and regular staff members I send You our most heartily congratulations on the occasion of Your Birthday. We are honored to work with a person of such profound knowledge and rich life experience as you; and we hope that our common efforts will contribute to the goal of building a better and more civilized world for all the mankind.

With you at our side we enjoy the progress in the development of the dialogue community and experience responsible attitude to our work of all international partners and experts. We wish you prosperity, success and good health for many years to come!

Vladimir Kulikov
Executive Director,
World Public Forum
“Dialogue of Civilizations”