Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon Results

On August 25, 2014 the WPFDC Executive Board chose the winners of the Rhodes Marathon – 2014

We are glad to congratulate the following authors who were recognized as winners of the contest:

Beatriz Bissio (Brazil) - Islam and the West: Another Form of Coexistence is Possible. History Allows to Understand Why;

Dimitry Chistilin (Ukraine) - BRICS’ Role in Forming New Architecture of the World System in the Context of Long-term Development;

Toni Kaestner (Germany) - A Vision for the Future. Peace through Development: a true Dialogue of Cultures;

Dimitri Kitsikis (Canada) - Plethon as Founder of Western Civilization;

Tom Mahon (USA) – Technology: A Re-introduction;

Jozef Migas (Slovakia) - Creating a “Warfare Generation”;

Maxim Mikhalev (Russia) - Civilization Borderlands as Spiritual Diversity Specially Protected Areas;

Mikhail Molchanov (Canada) - The Eurasian Union and the Reconstitution of the Regional Order in Eurasia;

Jayshree Sengupta (India) - The Need for Sub Regional Integration in South Asia.

The designated persons are being invited to take part in the 12th Annual Session of the Rhodes Forum that will be convened on September 25-29, 2014.