WPF International Coordinating Committee Meeting

The World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” International Coordinating Committee meeting took place in Vienna, Austria, on March 4, 2015

A plan of the WPF activities in year 2015 was announced and discussed. Among the Forums events the crucial ones will be the following: a seminar on the state of the European trade union movement today and the second Altai forum dedicated to peaceful coexistence of nations and civilizations as well as to the problem of connecting the economic development and the environment protection.

Talking about implementation of the “Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures” Project the ICC participants agreed on the necessity of spreading the experience of this educational project on international level.


Particular interest was aroused by the report on the formation of the WPF “DoC” Research Institute.

It was defined that the 13th Rhodes Forum will be organized on October 8-12, 2015. Special attention at the Forum will be paid to the analysis of the phenomenon of the global financial oligarchy and its detrimental influence upon global development when we are witnessing systemic crisis of the world economy while the solutions to this crisis proposed today indicate the exhaustion of the capitalism’s potential.

ICC 032015

ICC 032015 I

ICC 032015 group photo