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Dialogue Eurasia

The idea to edit the journal jointly appeared as the answer to the necessity of Eurasian countries to get information about each other, to be well posted on political, economical, social life of the region. Eurasian intelligentsia meets on the pages of “DA” journal.

Journal “DA” became a printing body that promotes dialogue development between people and cultures. The same is repeated in themotto of the journal: “Dialogue begins with “DA”. The first issue of the journal told us about life of people of Eurasia, about their traditions , hopes , their past and present. The first step towards each other was made. Journal “DA” aspires to demonstrate the beauty of Eurasian cultures , languages , colours , tastes, hobbies of Eurasian people, their opinion on economics, politics, literature, society.

In other words, journal has an aim to create some kind of a platform that will become the place where writers and representatives of all social stratums of Eurasian region could meet. Journal “Dialogue Eurasia” is published in Russian and Turkish. Moreover, regular supplements on national languages are issued in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Main directions of the journal are: Social life and culture that include geography, anthropology, economics, politics, art, literature. Journal aspires to tell us about the history of yesterday and today. It could be seen as a journal that tells about historical adventures of idealists, realists, peaceful and martial nations, people, communities. This journal is opened for geopoliticians who investigate the notion of Eurasia, for literaties who explain in their own way epic stories. This journal is opened for different suppositions and conclusions…

Journal is published in Russian and Turkish.Eurasia is a rainbow of culture. Eurasia is relation between human and nature. Many historians, geographers, strategists describe Eurasia as DIALOGUE EURASIA PLATFORM Dialogue begins with “yes” the union of two continents: Asia and Europe…

The Slavs and the Turkic peoples live in Eurasia and form a cultural space of the continent and make up a majority of continent’s population. Muslims and members of the Orthodox Church who live in the conditions of interaction get along well with other religions and cultures.

Journal “DA” is read in Istanbul, Tashkent, Dushanbe, Odessa, Ashhabad, Kiev, Almaty, Baku, Bishkek and in Eurasian regions. The most incredible feature of Dialogue Eurasia is that it’s issued by the representatives of creative and scientific intelligentsia from all parts of Eurasia. It is the unique journal and moreover the symbol of mutual activity. DA magazine is the Dialogue Eurasia Platform's publication organ, and is published in Turkish and Russian in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Each issue of DA magazine gathers the intellectual potential of different writers and brings them to a total 30,000 readers. Global current events are followed and evaluated by prominent regional personalities.

DA magazine has a social and cultural focus and every three months brings topics including thought, anthropology, economics, politics, art, literature and other life issues to its pages; it can be considered “Eurasia's intellectual agenda.”  

Ideology of the journal “DA” is knowledge and love… Politics of the journal “DA” is reapprochement and mutual understanding…

The final aim of the journal “DA” is harmonious good-neighbourliness.

Journal Dialogue Eurasia