Happy 65th Anniversary Professor Köchler!

Today is the 65th Anniversary of President of the International Progress Organization and Professor of the University of Innsbruck Hans Köchler.

A longtime partner and true friend of the World Public Forum, Professor Köchler has been working in the field of dialogue of civilizations for many years and attained international recognition as a prominent expert on the issues of cross-cultural interaction and international law. For all the years of the WPF activities we enjoy close collaboration with him.

Dear Professor Köchler,

In your capacity of Member of the WPF International Coordinating Committee and being a participant of the Rhodes Forum and other WPF activities you keep on sharing with WPF your high level of expertise and providing the Forum with in-depth analysis of current global trends.

On the occasion of your 65th birthday, please, accept our sincerest congratulations and deep appreciation as well as wishes of health and further success in your manifold activities!

Vladimir Yakunin,
Founding President,
World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”

WPF Executive Committee and Staff