In memory of an Outstanding Thinker

Jagdish Kapur (16.02.1920 – 19.11.2010) – Co-Chairman and Founder of the WPF

A year has passed since we lost our good friend and colleague Jugdish Kapur. The loss is irreplaceable because the significance of the personality of such a scale, sincerity and spiritual insight `can never be substituted by anyone.

Difficult was the year without him – natural disasters, technogenic catastrophes, social and economic problems pursuited mankind worldwide. Much of it all was predicted by Kapur.

One can ask themselves: what can be done in this regard by one person or a group of people inspired by an example of unselfish service and united in a forum? For over 10 years now our Forum that has been successfully building up its activities incorporating, too, Kapur’s fruitful ideas of humanism, of readiness to help those who are in need of assistance and support, of the necessity to be able to quietly act in spite of the obstacles, and, primarily, of Dialogue as a special value in human society relationships.

Our grateful memory of J.Kapur will always remain a live source of initiatives and projects for us. We shall always remember J.Kapur and devote our work and plans to him, implement what he conceived and bequeathed to us.

The coming year will be a jubilee one for the World Public Forum «Dialogue of Civilizations». I firmly believe it would give us a fitting reason for summing up the results of practical realization of J.Kapur’s life philosophy.

Vladimir Yakunin
Founding President of the WPF "Dialogue of Civilizations"