Statement of the Presidency of the WPFDC

We, the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”, an international NGO committed to sustainable peace and justice, express our concern with the current geopolitical situation. 25 years after the end of the Cold war we see the danger of re-emergence of a new cold war.

We firmly express our opinion that current problems cannot be solved by violence and military power but by dialogue and investigation of the real root causes of the conflicts. We are also concerned by the rise of the international financial oligarchy which increases inequality and hinders fair distribution of resources. This as well as political and religious extremism jeopardizes the principles of democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln as the rule of the people, by the people, for the people.

In searching for global justice and equality of the peoples we are neither for nor against any single country. We respect the right of any country to cultivate and preserve its cultural heritage without imposing it on other countries and without interference from abroad. In this spirit we desperately wish for renaissance of the United Nations on the basis of the principles as established in 1945. We invite all people of good will to join us in this quest for peace and justice.