Mourning for Victims of Terrorism

November 16, 2015

On Monday noon of November 16, the WPF Executive Committee holds minute of silence for Paris terror attacks victims together with France and the EU.

On this day we have to remember victims of other terror crimes – recent ISIS attacks in Beirut, Lebanon, numerous attacks perpetrated in Turkey in last months, not to speak of Syria, Iraq and Libya where death toll caused by terror activities rose to hundreds of thousands.

The World Public Forum condemns terrorism as a means for achieving any kind of goals. There can be no justifications for it.

We express our deepest solidarity with all people and societies affected by these crimes. Those who stand behind these acts of terror are trying to sow seeds of fear and dismay. Whether they achieve their ugly goal depends on the international community’s reaction to the challenge posed by them.

International terrorism has become common threat and must be addressed respectively. We want once again to reiterate that only through dialogue, cooperation and true respect for cultural and civilizational differences is it possible to build a more peaceful and safe society.

Executive Committee,
World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”