Goodbye, Neo-liberalism and Austerity. Hello, Democratic Socialism and Hope

Goodbye, Neo-liberalism and Austerity. Hello, Democratic Socialism and Hope

A Note by Kamran Mofid, Founder of the NGO "Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative", published at his Blog on May 7, 2012

Voters in France and Greece delivered a harsh judgement on their ruling parties in elections on Sunday 6 May, ousting President Nicolas Sarkozy from power in France and severely punishing the two leading parties in Greece.

These electoral successes, backed by the collapse of the Dutch government, rejection of the coalition government’s austerity policies in the UK’s local elections, and continuing and deepening protests in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and mayhem elsewhere, notably, Greece, tilts the balance of the European debate sharply away from austerity; cruelty to the 99%.

President Hollande has a rare opportunity to reshape the political and the socio-economic landscape not only in France, but in Europe too.

The right has failed economically as its austerity measures continue to keep much of Europe's economy bumping along the bottom. Hollande must win. We must wish him good luck.

A word of caution and hope:

I hope and pray that President Hollande will keep his words and promises. In Britain, very similar to what happened in France yesterday, we, the people, by a huge majority voted for change and hope, electing a Labour government in May 1997. After many dark and hopeless years of Thatcherism, the people voted for hope, honesty, integrity, equality and ethics. In short, the electorate voted for a new domestic and foreign policy, guided by high moral compass.

However, in return, Messrs Blair and Brown cheated us, destroying our hope and dreams. This is why I dream that monsieur Hollande will not become a Sarkozy with glasses, as Blair and Brown became Thatcher in trousers! Of course, many believe that the same is also true across the Atlantic when comparing Mr Obama to Mr. Bush.

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