WPF Statement on Killing of Fr. François Murad

It is with sadness and consternation that the Word Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" deplores and condemns the killing of Bishop François Murad by certain rebel groups in Syria. Although the killing by itself is an act of criminal violence, we must ponder its broader implications. This is all the more urgent as the killing follows on the heels of the assassination of the Sunni theologian Sheikh Ramadan Ak-Bouti in March. The World Public Forum stands for freedom of religion and, in fact, for the freedom of all religious beliefs. What do the killings portend for the future of Syria? Will the fanaticism of some rebel groups lead to the whole-sale slaughter of some religious communities? We call upon the world community to be attentive to this senseless violence and to commit itself firmly to the secure maintenance of all religious faiths in Syria.