Resolution of the European Association of Former Parliamentarians of the Member States of the Council of Europe

The European Association of former parliamentarians of the member states of the Council of Europe

- Observe with much concern and attention the political situation in Ukraine;
- As former parliamentarians, we reject the idea of a new “cold war”;
- We think that a solution can only be found through a diplomatic agreement between all parties concerned. The Council of Europe could contribute to reach such an agreement considering that Ukraine, Russia and the 28 countries of the EU are part of the Council of Europe;
- We want to recall the fundamental project of the EU, the Council of Europe and the OSCE, which is to fight war and to promote peace;
- We underline the importance of representative democracy and the respect of minorities;
- We state that beyond any citizen consultation the common well-being should be taken into consideration as main goal;
- We wish that, whenever possible, the European Commission for democracy through law (Venice Commission) of the Council of Europe be in charge to find the constitutional solutions which are needed.

Paris, 14 March 2014