A View on the Tragedy in Odessa

Vladimir Yakunin, May 4, 2014

Today it is practically impossible to think of anything else but the tragedy in Odessa. It is now quite apparent that the self-proclaimed so-called “government” in Kiev is no longer capable of controlling the Bandera neo-fascists that brought it to power.

Over the past several months I have held many talks and conducted a substantial volume of correspondence on the subject of events unfolding in Ukraine, with my foreign friends and partners in the field of public affairs. It was just on March 31 that the “Center of National Glory,” together with the European Jewish Congress, held a Conference “Neo-fascism in Europe: 70 Years After” (info concerning that initiative of ours has been posted on our website). We tried to warn those who triggered the latest spiral of international tensions and the fanning up of anti-Russia hysterics that the motto “the end justifies the means” cannot and must not be acceptable to the politicians in the 21st century, all the more so in Europe, and especially in Germany which lost more than eight million people in World War Two. The Conference participants from scores of countries vigorously stressed the impermissibility of any, and all the more so, massive manifestations of neo-fascism in the present-day conditions. The participants especially emphasized that the aggressive followers of Stepan Bandera constitute a vivid manifestation of neo-fascism that certain western special services are desperately trying to shape into a prototype of a new Ukrainian unifying idea.

It is precisely the result of the actions of these groups that today branded themselves “The Right Sector” that a considerable part of the population in Ukraine has been intimidated and is unable to freely express the people’s will. It is now absolutely clear that these actions were an attempt to reformat the protest movement against Yanukovich in Kiev into an armed overthrow and to establish a totalitarian regime. And now the anti-Russia, anti-Ukraine, and lastly, the anti-popular motivations of the organizers of such actions are quite apparent to any unbiased person.

However, it is impossible to understand how hatred of everything that is Russian could become the unifying motivation for European politicians and media outlets? How is it possible to cross out the real history of Europe in the 20th century for the sake of a short-term triumph engineered by certain political groups? How is it possible to deny and negate real facts to such an extent so as to turn the ongoing events into a very grave problem for their own selves? After all, sooner or later, the truth will come out from behind the information blockade and one will have to be brought to account for everything!

And the most tragic example of what these forces may bring to the European and world community can be seen precisely in the events that have occurred in Odessa. Yet, we must not forget about the victims of the battles that have been fought and are being fought in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol and other cities in Ukraine. The broad scope of these events that have embraced the whole of Ukraine clearly indicates that they were well planned and well organized – but for what purpose? Has all this been done so as to physically eliminate all those who think differently and to silence any and all opponents? Just like during World War Two, the present-day fascists in Odessa herded these people into a building and then burned them alive! What is more, even the self-proclaimed rulers in Kiev do not consider it necessary to dissociate themselves from these fascists! And the so-called “world community” is, so far, silent!

Here, it would not be out of place to remember that such connivance has already been observed in European history – glaring evidence of this could be seen in the cynical motto over the gates at Buchenwald: “Jedem das Seine” –“To Each His Own.”

The time has come for the western civic community to shake off the hypnotic spell of their own propaganda machine and to realize the catastrophic nature of the unfolding events – and not only to mourn those who were put to death, but to step forward and speak out against the rekindling of fascism!

I express my profound condolences to the families of those who were killed and to the wounded fighters for the right to live and be free, to love their country, to preserve their culture and civilization identity.

Source: http://v-yakunin.livejournal.com/85847.html

Translation by the WPF Executive Committee