Avoiding a New Cold War and Ethnonationalist Provocations

A Paper by Valentina Fedotova, Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, delivered at the 12th Rhodes Forum on September 27, 2014

The conflict between two social systems - capitalism and communism vanished after the USSR had collapsed and Russia had gained its new democratic image that yet varied from copying the Western patterns to embodying unique national features. In reality Russia’s democracy was far more multiform. The USSR had broken down and Russia became a new country with quite positive image in the West. We are currently witnessing the aggravation of the conflict between the West and Russia that is breathing new life into the conflict between the Western and non-Western worlds. The collapse of the former world order resulted in the emergence of brand-new states with no previous experience in nation-state formation. There is a number of ethnonational conflicts in the world that becomes unbalanced with the West supporting one or another party to the conflict.

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