The WPF Statement on Downing of Russian Military Plane by Turkey

November 25, 2015

The international community must be called upon to undertake responsible and careful action after the shooting down of a Russian military jet by Turkish air force. The tragic casualty must be investigated in an objective way. It has to be taken into account that Russian pilots were fighting against IS terrorism. The murder of one Russian pilot after his parachute jump by militia men is a clear crime against humanity. It cannot be tolerated and those responsible for that crime must be punished. This is also a task for the international community and must be fostered by everybody who is on the side of humanity's future.

It demonstrates once again how dangerous the ongoing civil war in Syria is for global peace and stability and how important are the efforts of the international community to find a peaceful and long-lasting solution as well as to intensify the public effort to prevent other clashes. This overreaction by one of the too many players in the Syrian crisis could easily lead to military escalation and confrontation which involves the danger of a World War III. So the incident underlines the urgent need of an immediate cease fire among the non-jihadist parties in the Syrian civil war followed by serious and unbiased attempts for a political solution. We also reiterate our previous demand that IS has to be cut off from its financial resources and supply of weapons.