Culture and World Order

A Keynote Address by Professor Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, made at the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2015 organized by Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin on December 13, 2015

In his keynote speech Dr. Hans Köchler stated that, in the era of globalization, only a multipolar world order is compatible with peaceful co-existende among a multitude of cultures and civilizations. Sovereign equality of states should be complemented by sovereign equality of cultures and civilizations if “culture wars” – that always in history have carried the risk of “perpetual” conflict – are to be avoided. He further explained that the principle of equality cannot be defined, and practiced, without mutuality (mutual respect) and that there can be no tolerance vis-à-vis those who reject it. This is the dilemma, he said, the world is faced with when cultural paradigms exclude each other in the name of universality.

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