How to Avoid Europe’s Disintegration

An Article by Ivan Krastev, an Author of the WPF’s 22 Ideas to Fix the World, published at Eurozine

History is replete with examples of how the political logic of disintegration sets in. But is the European Union next in line? You can be sure that it is, writes Ivan Krastev, so long as the European project remains a haven for elites over which people have no control.

One of the main plots of the storyline of the current European debate is that we are too Eurocentric to understand that we cannot explain ourselves to others. The Ukrainian conflict is a perfect illustration here – as it is viewed in a totally different way inside and outside Europe. Clearly, the current crisis in Europe, which has been taking place for seven years now, is very different to other crises that have taken place in the world. I remember when the crisis began in 2008. In a conversation with José Manuel Barroso, the then president of the European Commission, he asked us analysts and experts a straightforward question: "What can you do for us?" My response was also straightforward: "Not much", I said honestly.

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