Road to Recovery – our Present is not the Future

Today is three years that WPF Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Jagdish Chandra Kapur passed away. In commemoration we publish the piece he wrote in Autumn 2009

The twenty-first century began its first decade on a frightening note. It is very high on the scale of violence against innocent people, ushering in the greatest economic crisis in modern history. Both an expression of the human diminution. The breakdown of ethical and moral order is manifested in the outright loot of financial resources of the citizens by the financial oligarchies and subsequent state-sponsored bail-out of the institutions and people responsible for these crimes.

Consequently the patterns of power and world economic leadership are undergoing a sea-change. With the financial and energy resources both in Asia, the old style petrodollars based operation by the economic leaderships is no longer possible. The seller of energy are now becoming the buyers, and without financial resources to pay for it. Neither the control of energy resources, nor the middle man’s profits are now available, and conflicts to exercise control have become a counter-productive process. So the world leadership pattern must undergo a change, and whatever currency will hold sway must now establish or re-establish its value.

While millions are getting unemployed in the developed world where massive factories with latest equipment are becoming wastelands, new facilities are coming up elsewhere to create jobs and cheaper goods with lower labour cost. So in globalizing economies over-investment in the same products and duplication of productive capacities is creating highly competitive and wasteful processes. The money invested will create a few high technology jobs, leaving million unemployed and their minimum basic needs of food, health, education and employment unmet. Vast income differentials and social tensions, with million new millionaires and hundreds of million unemployed or partially employed people are created thereby.

Thus the winds of uncontrollable intensity are blowing all over the world. Latin America with a new brand of socialism, is raising its flag. Genocide is no longer sufficient to control the African resource and markets. Post-colonial Africa is rediscovering its power and resources. Without the wealth from the colonies, Europe is being orphaned. It has technologies dwindling markets. The future world cannot be subjected to the Great Game. Old boys power networks and coalitions can neither exercise power nor influence. They can destroy but can no longer control or exploit at will.

New arrangements must be made to balance the new power equations.

Neither Europe nor the United States have the power or resources to reshape the world in old pre-colonial style.

Asia cannot transform itself into “old style” Europe. There is not enough time for an orderly and peaceful transition.

Five thousand year old cultures demand a new world order. An order without arms, but a new kind of humanism, with every citizen of the world as an equal partner in structuring a new humane civilization through dialogue. Wars and military domination is not an intrinsic part of the old civilisations of Asia, and which account for its creativity, material, mental, supramental and spiritual. The poet  Rabindranath Tagore said:

‘Sun is setting in the West
‘The Morning awaits behind the patient dark of the
East, meek and silent.’


Autumn 2009
New Delhi