Pope Francis on Mass Media Ethics


Zenit, March 24, 2014

On Saturday, Pope Francis received in audience members of the “Corallo” [“Coral”] Association, a network of local broadcasting stations of Catholic inspiration, present in all the Italian regions. In his address, speaking of risks related to Mass Media activities, the Pope said:

“For me, the sins of the media, the greatest sins, are those that go on the path of darkness, of lies, and they are three: disinformation, calumny and defamation. These last two are grave, but not as dangerous as the first! Why? I will explain. Calumny is a mortal sin, but it can be clarified and one can come to know that it is a calumny. Defamation is a mortal sin, but one can come to say: this is an injustice, because this person did that thing at that time, then he repented, and changed his life. But disinformation is to say half of things, those which are more convenient, and not say the other half. And so, one who watches TV or who listens to the radio cannot make a perfect judgment, because he does not have the elements and they are not given to him. Please, flee from these three sins: disinformation, calumny and defamation.”

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