Bermet Usubalieva (Kyrgyzstan), Teacher of Economic Theory, Financial-Economical College

Teacher of Economic Theory, Financial-Economical College


Bermet Usurbalieva graduated from Kyrgyz Nation University (Bishkek) in 1983. She continued her education in Plehanov Russian Economic University, Moscow (1988 – 1989).
Since 1986 she serves as a lector of economics at Financial-Economical College.

Bermet Usurbalieva is participant, author and co-author of many researches projects, finances by international organizations. From 2010 to 2011 she worked as a project coordinator of “Health in times of transition: an international research” project of the European Commission. Her previous project is “Capacity building of NGO and self-government sectors in their efforts for poverty reduction” (Social worker on livelihood security).  She was also involved to the projects of Russian Federation, such as “Fellow countrymen in the countries of ex-USSR”.