Wynn Antony (UK), Writer, journalist, BA (Oxford) Oriental Studies

Wynn Antony (UK), Writer, journalist, BA (Oxford) Oriental Studies

Writer, journalist, BA (Oxford) Oriental Studies


Antony Wynn read Persian and Turkish at Oxford. His first ‘proper’ job was given to him by Bryan Huffner, who took him on in 1972 to be the OCM buyer in Hamadan, Iran. He stayed there until 1976, when he went on to run a country racecourse at Gonbad-e Kavus, in the Iranian Turkoman country, later moving to the new Tehran racecourse, where he stayed until the Islamic Revolution in December 1978. For the following twelve years he sold shiploads of Brazilian beef and New Zealand lamb to Arab governments, before starting a business selling drilling camp supplies to Western oil companies operating around the Caspian. Over the past fifteen years he has been a regular visitor to Iran. He is the author of Persia in the Great Game: Sir Percy Sykes: Explorer, Consul, Soldier, Spy, and is an occasional columnist for Cornucopia. He is also editor of the Journal of the Iran Society.

From 1972 to 1976 he traveled and worked a lot in Iran.

After training as a slaughterman and butcher in Australia and New Zealand, he represented the Vestey company in the Middle East, China and Mongolia (1979-1991).
In 1991 he started a business servicing oil companies working in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, making frequent visits to Iran and the Caspian region.
Currently he is reviewer and columnist for Cornucopia, a magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey.