Pylynskyi Yaroslav (Ukraine), Director, Kennan Kyiv Institute

Pylynskyi Yaroslav (Ukraine), Director, Kennan Kyiv Institute

Director, Kennan Kyiv Institute


Yaroslav Pylynskyi is currently director of the Kennan Kyiv Project. He received his Ph.D. degree in philology from the Institute of Ethnology, Folklore and Art Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1988 and the diploma of higher education with honors from the Kyiv State University in 1983.

Dr. Pylynskyi previously worked as a professor of Ukrainian literature at the Kyiv State Pedagogical University and Kyiv State Conservatory (1989-1992), scientific secretary of the Division of Languages, Literature and Art Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1991-1997), director of the Research Department of the Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy (1997-1999), was a research fellow at the Global Security Fellows Initiative, Faculty of Social & Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK (1994-1995) and the Center for Multiethnic Research, University of Uppsala, Sweden (1996).

His research interests include interethnic relations, migration, and immigrants’ integration in host communities, Russian-Ukrainian bilingualism and relations, and ethnic minorities in Ukraine. Dr. Pylynskyi is the author of over 60 publications in academic, professional, and periodical editions, among them chapters and brochures: Immigrants in interaction with local people, and Immigration and tolerance in Ukraine in Nontraditional immigrants in Kyiv: seven years after (Kyiv, 2009) Migration Processes in Ukraine and the Problem of Tolerance in Urgent: Tolerance! (Kyiv, 2008).