Georg Sootla (Estonia), Professor, Head of unit, Tallinn University

Professor, Head of unit, Tallinn University


Georg Sootla graduated from Moscow State University, department of philosophy (student 1972-1977; BA 1977, post-graduate student 1977-1981).

Since 2001 he is Professor of public policy, Tallinn University.

From 1995 to 2001 he was a Professor of political science, Tallinn Pedagogical University.
His former positions are: Head of Department of Social Science, Tallinn Pedagogical University (1994 – 1995), Associated professor, Tallinn Pedagogical University (1992 – 1995), Head of Department of Social Theory, Tallinn Pedagogical University (1991 -1994), Science director, Sakala Centre, Tallinn (1990 – 1992), Head of the Group of Political Analysis at Communist Party of Estonia (1989-1990), (1988-1989), Senior Lecturer (1983-1988), Tallinn Polytechnics,  Department of Social Science. European Science Foundation, expert - 2010.

From 1997 to 2000 he was a Member of Supervising Board of the Estonian Institute of Public Administration.
Georg Sootla is a holder of many scholarships and grants (Central European University, Praha,  May-June 1991; Grant delivered by Soros foundation; The Study of Structure and Management of Government Organisation in Estonia - A grant delivered by the Estonian Science Foundation (1996-1998), etc.).

He is author of various publications  and reviewer of international journals (Public Administration, Public Management Review, Local Government Studies, International Journal of Public Administration).

The field of his scientific interests include History of government, Government institutions and organisations, Managing Public Organisations, Local government institutions in comparative perspective, Organisational design in public sector, Administrative reforms in comparative perspective, etc.