Alice Drooghmans (Germany/Belgium), Director, Drooghmans Int. Communications "

Alice Drooghmans (Germany/Belgium), Director, Drooghmans Int. Communications "

Director, Drooghmans Int. Communications


Alice Drooghmans completed her university studies in business and economics in Belgium and went on to finish her formal education at the Institut Europeen des Hautes Etudes at the University of Nice, France.

She was accepted by the Belgian Foreign Service and had an eight-year career in diplomacy and foreign relations.
In 1993 she started her business and has been working for corporations and governmental organizations abroad, holding a leading position in Moscow. After her stay of 5 years in Moscow, she founded her own agency Drooghmans International in 1999 with locations in Belgium and Germany. Alice has more than 15 years experiences in international marketing and communication consulting. She ran multinational campaigns for clients drawn from major business sectors such as Automobile, Energy, Finance, Biotechnology, Tourism, Culture, Food, Telecommunication and FDI.

Alice Drooghmans is specialized in cross-cultural strategic communications consultancy and in the developing market entry campaigns for the public and private sector.